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The Gourmet of
Mergers & Acquisitions

We inject the capital into businesses and technologies stirring them together with the right market, the expertise, and the people to create a winner we all can savor.

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A New Breed:
Research, Acquire, Merge, Manufacture,
Market, Distribute, Sell, Consult

Every great product needs to find a buyer and an efficient safe way to get into the buyers hands with payment transfer.We have the end to end solution and can add the needed pieces to any situation.
Safe, secure, efficient, powerful

Services to Create Value by Leveraging Differences Across...
Supply Chain Management

Distinctive Supply Chain Management System helps you find the best supplier with the best quality, pricing and on-time delivery.  ...

Market Development

Through our close relationships in China we can directly connect USA suppliers to the right distributors.   Market Development The ...

Strategic Acquisition

Our extensive knowledge of business and government can help companies gain market share and management across the Pacific. Strategic ...

Business Management

We can help hire and guide qualified global managers for a company’s over seas ventures. Business Management Given our ...

About Us

With a bilingual multicultural background, each and every executive member of Across China (USA), Inc. has more than 10-years working experience in large American and Chinese corporations, including Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, China Bausch & Lomb, Lenovo, Sohu, Yuanwang Group, and Microsoft. As part of the executive leadership team in our former corporate positions with a diverse set of responsibilities,
Across China is uniquely positioned to integrate business structures, technologies, communications, and personnel to thrive in todays international business landscape.

We are uniquely trained and experienced in United States and China corporate philosophy and culture, operations and management, business behavior, and the manufacturing life cycles of both US and Chinese companies. Most importantly, Across China has the understanding and knowledge of USA/Chinese economic systems, industrial distribution networks
& structure, and the understanding and knowledge of the differences among the economic zones and their respective management styles. This knowledge, understanding, and expertise, when combined with the relationships within the Chinese public and private industrial and commercial communities that were built over generations of high level positions, can be leveraged to produce results quicker, less expensively, more effectively, and with greater return.

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