Business Management

We can help hire and guide qualified global managers for a company's over seas ventures.

Business Management

Given our well-developed local office network in China and the United States, highly trained and experienced human resources professionals on the ground, our services and expertise have strengths in:

  • Strategically setting up an organization for your subsidiaries, considering the talent pool and risks in specific labor market

  • Cost-effectively designing and managing your global assignees

  • Managing due diligence of HR and management, in compliance with laws and regulations

  • Creating and executing recruiting and retention plans

  • Effectively communicating with your overseas facilities to roll out your corporation culture and management

When you set up a representative office, a joint-venture, or a wholly owned company across the Pacific Ocean, you have to seriously consider to use expatriates, local nationals, and returnees to staff your operations, the ongoing shortage in leadership and technical talents, the cost of expatriation, the contrasting cultures and values, and the traditional management styles. Knowing the talent pool, we have assisted many US/Chinese corporations to balance the resources and to identify the candidates’ needs in order to structure optimal organizations.

As business activities become increasingly global and cross-nationally intertwined, our knowledgeable techniques on managing your global assignees including premium and benefits, tax equalization, and the global indices, which determine hardship and cost-of-living allowances, will power you to attract and retain talented individuals.

The pace of change in global labor market continues unabated, mostly propelled by the new trading regime, increase in Sino-foreign joint-venture companies and state-owned companies going private. Part of the revolution is the increasing priority given to due diligence and compliance in government policies and labor law, specifically in employment contracts, labor disputes, income tax, social security, compensation & benefits areas.

Today's world is in a state of transition. The traditional culture HAS BEEN placed under heavy pressure at some areas have adopted more modern standards. The influences from multi-factors are illustrated below. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of US and China and our network of partners and affiliates in the region, we can recruit the local candidate, returnee, or expatriate based on your company's needs. Besides bilingual capability, understanding of the different business culture and organizational behaviors allow us to help you build structured selection tools to probe for hard-to-obtain information and interpret the interview data to make the right choice of personnel.

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