Strategic Acquisition

Our extensive knowledge of business and government can help companies gain market share and management across the Pacific.

Strategic Acquisitions 

In this time of transition, American and Chinese enterprises, are looking for buyers. But the circumstances of each enterprise stand by its own with little transparency. Across China (USA) Inc. can help you to identify potential sellers and accumulate accurate information including company organizational and financial information. One of our most rapid and cost-effective solutions is to find a partner who already has a very large market share.

As most merges and acquisitions involve the international transaction, it is very time-consuming to deal with the state and local governments. In addition, many issues involved in due diligence, pricing, negotiation, and closing are uncertain. To breakthrough the bureaucracy and the mentality, we will direct you to the final decision makers. To optimize the value and price of an acquisition, you will have our assistance on not only how to effectively negotiate, but also where are the special techniques, such as debt spin-off.

In the history of mergers and acquisitions, it is very easy to obtain the hardware/facility/equipment, but it is not an easy job to gain market share and management.

  • Across China (USA) Inc., can assist you overcome the above issues because we have:

  • Established close relationship and successfully worked with many companies for years.

  • Information access to the enterprises through state and local governments.

  • An excellent understanding and knowledge of American and Chinese economic systems, industrial distributions/structure, differences of economic zones and management styles

  • Office staffs all over major cities of America and China  carry on the local work.

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